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Denver Home Video Distribution

Nowadays our clients are opting to have all of their audio video equipment in a hidden spot, like in an unused closet or utility room. This allows for the audio and video to be distributed throughout the house from one location. With this setup there is no need for equipment in every room you want picture or sound.  

Distributed Audio

With all of the equipment hidden, every room that has audio would only have speakers in the wall/ceiling. All of this is controlled with your smart-phone or tablet. At Altitude Audio Video we specialize in having all of the music in the world, in any room, at your fingertips. 

Distributed Video

Imagine having a his / hers cable box, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox or any video source available on any TV in the house. With distributed video you can have all of these devices hidden and accessible at any TV location, at any time, all controlled from your smart phone.