Reasons Why A Professional Should Install Your Home Theater

Professional Home Theater vs. D.I.Y. Home Theater

Have you decided to make the change from a 'run-of-the-mill' home entertainment system to an immersive experience that puts you and your family right in the action? Congratulations, you've made the right decision!

To have a quality home theater system that will you will continue to enjoy for years to come, it is important to have the the proper equipment for your unique space and functionality requirements. Proper installation is like the icing on the cake, without it despite all the time and money spent on your new theater it may always feel like it is 'missing something.' A home theater specialist has the ability to assess your home’s capabilities and suggest what will allow you to have optimal performance from your home theater system.

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Many homeowners are sure that they are able to install their own home theater systems, but it’s never as easy as it seems and can actually be quite difficult, sometimes even a little dangerous (we've heard some horror stories, yikes!) It’s best to leave tasks like this to professionals. Acoustics, seating views, and possible interference from other devices or components among many other considerations must all be taken into account when taking up the task of home theater installation.

A few of the pitfalls or problems we hear about frequently from D.I.Y. home theaters are:

Wire nests!

At this day and age, we've all seen one at one point or another. As more technology is released and more devices are added to our existing setups, what started as a couple wires can easily get out of hand. Mismanaged wires can easily turn the focal point of a space meant for relaxing and unwinding to the 'wire monster' that lives by your equipment. Have questions about cable management?
Our home theater professionals are experts taking the stress out of cable concealment and management!

Doug from Littleton once asked; "How is it going work now that you've gotten rid of all the cables?"
"Well Doug, we're sorry, but a good magician never reveals his secrets!"


We come into a lot of homes where we see an overstuffed cabinet full of equipment that no longer is used or an excess of devices that overlap in features or functionality. Cluttered equipment can cause device interference and even lead to damaged equipment if not properly ventilated or cleaned. Keep your electronics happy and dust free and they will last you much longer! Stay tuned for our blog on how to properly clean the devices in your home without damaging them.

Costly mistakes

Save yourself from the headache of a simple mistake that could end up costing you hard earned money or more importantly your safety. There are many ways that this could happen; two of the most common we see are improperly or sloppily wired equipment that causes equipment damage, and improper load bearing on outlets/surge protectors which can put you in danger of an electrical fire. Neither of which are a fun mess to clean up.

 At Altitude Audio Video, we guarantee all installations and are insured so you can have peace of mind that no matter what you are in good hands!

Poorly optimized systems
You may have succeeded in buying all the proper equipment, top of the line speakers and cables, etc.  but just because you got the gear doesn't mean you'll have the optimal viewing experience. A system that has not been adjusted and calibrated properly is like installing a new water heater set to the wrong temperature and showering in cold water, it doesn't make too much sense. Proper tuning of a system is key to using your theater to its fullest potential.

Anything else should I know before I make the jump to a home theater system?

Now that your aware of the common mistakes and problems that most commonly occur in home theater systems, its time to put together a plan to bring it all together. Of course we are happy to come up with a comprehensive solution for you, but nonetheless some things you will need to consider are:

How will my home theater be used?
Movies, Sports matches, Video games

What is type of quality do I want?
Be sure not to forget all components should be of the same quality. For example a DVD from the year 2000 will still look like a DVD from the year 2000 despite being played on Blu-ray payer and with a full 1080p projector. 

Viewing space
Lighting/room brightness, acoustics, room size etc. are all very important aspects to consider.

Future changes/ additions to system
We know you can't see in the future but one thing many people overlook is the rapid change in technology and the desire to add equipment to your theater later on. there are also many options furthering integration from your theater to the remainder of your house. Ask one of our experts for more information or advice.

Controlling your system.
The most commonly overlooked thing i think that we see is forgetting to include a device to control your system. nobody wants to have to bobble 4 or more remotes just to perform simple functions. A control system or universal remotes can streamline all of these remotes to one remote or interface and often times even offer you more. We like Simple Control for larger control options, and Pro Control for smaller control requirements. Both of which you can operate with an app on most smart phones and tablets.
In future blogs, we'll go in depth into some of those questions to help you understand how your answer can impact your home theater installation. 

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Share your home theater pics, and experiences in the comments section below!