Tips to Improve Your Room Sound

While having a great home theater system can guarantee high-quality sound, at times that alone is not sufficient. You might need to add a few measures to make your audio experience pleasurable. These steps include placing the equipment right, positioning the devices in a balanced manner, or keeping them away from vibrating surfaces. If you are struggling to get great audio from your devices, here are a few tips you could try out.

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7 Tips to Improve the Sound in Your Home Theater

Match the speakers

Audio speakers come with a distinct sound signature that defines how sound-effects vibrate from one speaker to another. Hence, it is important for you to ensure that your surround speakers and center channels, match perfectly with your front, right, and left speakers. Doing so will guarantee a seamless movement of sound from one speaker to another. Subsequently, you actuate a more realistic and immersive effect, much to your delight and that of your audience.

Revamp your subwoofer

If there is something that adds depth and impact to your audio tracks, it is the subwoofer. It makes the sound effects seem more real-like. So, if you wish to enjoy your audio, getting a quality subwoofer might just be the way to go. However, when shopping for one, instead of going for the biggest subwoofer you can afford, concentrate on the quality. Many buyers mistakenly presume that the larger the woofer size, the better the sound quality. Ironically, that is not always the case. 

Give your center channel an upgrade

The center channel on your audio devices plays a significant role. For instance, it is primarily responsible for enhancing the dialogue and explosive effects. These effects have a direct impact on both the quality and nature of the listening experience. For this reason, you should get a larger and higher quality center channel, which can handle more bass. Moreover, make sure you position it correctly to offer everyone in the room a pleasurable and life-like listening experience.

Upgrade your amplifier

It doesn’t matter how high-definition or amazing your speakers are if your receivers or amplifiers lack enough power the sound will be inadequate. Conversely, a powerful amplifier can revamp the performance of a relatively mediocre speaker. When it comes to choosing the amp make that choice depending on your energy needs as opposed to wattage ratings. Most amplifier and receiver manufacturers tend to overrate their products to make them sound more convincing. A safe way to ensure you end up with the right buy is to go over the customer reviews and ratings. Remember that installing all these upgrades will require you to add all these devices to your home maintenance checklist.

Position your speakers well

At times, all you need to actuate pleasant audio sound is to change the position of your speakers. For example, if your speakers are close to the ceiling, at the far corners of the room, or inside the entertainment cabinet, they are likely to produce compromised sound. In all these cases, positioning them well will significantly improve their effectiveness.

Set up a dedicated electric circuit

Bearing in mind that your home might be having many electronics, most of which get their power from the same electrical circuit, it is best to install a separate circuit for your sound system. The alternative course will offer your audio units a cleaner, safer, and quieter source of power devoid of any current variations. 

Invest in new connecting cables and speaker wires

The quality of the speaker wires and connecting cables arguably has a direct impact on the sound and picture you get. If they are worn out, it is very likely that they will negatively affect the resulting audio or visual. Take the time and examine the wires and cables of your audio-visual devices and replace the ones that are old and worn out.


Evidently, improving your room sound does not have to be an expensive and daunting task to do. You only need to identify the option that suits your needs, style, and budget.